ID! IDea for IDentity

HOME DESIGN Creation of trend books : defining atmospheres, mixing  different élements of design : furniture, luminaires, materials, etc... For each trend story, I created different patterns than can be used on different with. serigraphic process or print.

PERFUME PACKAGING The world of fragrances : original design for bottles and cosmetics, mood board, logo création, for the L'OREAL group... My purpose is to create a whole universe around the brand identity. I am producing a global concept for their products, working at the same time its identity, conditioning, bottling and logo, but also on the editorial, visuals and layouts of the future advertising launch,

LABELS For Prêt à Porter, I designed labelling for almost ten years, as an art director in collaboration with a packaging group. Challenge was to redefine, sometimes several times a year, the brand identity according to seasonnial trends, or new products creation. Elaborating new logos, colors atmosphère, I also realised  exclusive numeric illustration or photomontages,.

POSTERS Brand image creations, on various supports such as catalogs, posters, POS, point of sale advertising, cards, etc.


I created a collection of jewellery, silver, gold and Diamonds for the well known streetwear brand COM-eight. The challenge was to decline the brand logo, in different must have objects, and jewels, with an hip hop style close to it's clientele. The logo itself was completely re-shaped with diamonds filling, gold or silver lining, on different jewels supports, that I designed too, The creator of the COM-8 collections is a French Rapper called Joey Starr, He was a member in duet with Kool Shen, of the group Supreme NTM, who made history of the rap and the rap hardcore French during the 1990’s. The group stopped in 1998, then re-formed ten years later in 2008.


I realised the layout of a book about the work & life of Philippe Waty, who was a painter. Waty was also wellknowed in the eighties with a group of painters called "the Steaming Muslims" who participate and anicipate all the major artistic moves of the moment, not only regarding art, but also music, fashion, nightlife....all those things that made this period and Paris life so vivid...



"Spring/Summer 2015 sees a futuristic mood elevate womenswear fashions with a 22nd century sophistication,, say the trend analysts. '60s Future Boudoir sees retro femininity updated with sci-fi-inspired materials, while Intergalactic Adventure takes a more forward-thinking approach for an out-of-this-world finish. The boudoir of the future is translated with a luxe shine this season, fusing '60s-esque curves with geometric angles and hard textures. Sheer fabrics are realized in Space Age. Inspired by the interplanetary spacescapes that humanity will be confronted with in the not-too-distant future, Spring/Summer apparel takes on a mysterious sheen".


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